NEW! ShockEater Recoil Pad Kit – Simple and Effective Recoil Reduction

ShockEater’s revolutionary recoil absorbing technology is now available in a convenient and easy to use “slip-on” recoil pad.

The ShockEater® Recoil Pad Kit is a simple and effective way to eliminate hard hitting recoil and shoulder fatigue while improving accuracy, comfort, and consistency with your long guns.

The recoil pad kit features a ShockEater® Nano-Poly™ insert sewn into a stretchy neoprene sleeve that slides on the buttstock of your gun. Its flexible nature allows it to fit the majority of gunstock sizes of shotguns and rifles without any gunsmithing or drilling required. Rubber backing on the inside of the sleeve grips to both wood or synthetic stocks.

Length-of-pull can be customized by inserting one or more of the (3) included spacers, making it versatile accessory to move between firearms or to accommodate growing youth without permanently altering their gun.  The optional L.O.P spacers can add an additional 1/4”, 3/8”, 1/2″ or can be combined to fine tune the fit.


  • Slip-on neoprene sleeve
  • ShockEater®recoil reducing insert sewn inside neoprene sleeve
  • (3) spacers (1/4”, 3/8”, 1/2″) to customize length of pull


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