Second-hand experience is never as good as the real thing, but with the positive feedback we have received, we couldn’t help but share a few. See what others are saying and then try it for yourself…



I had rotator cuff surgery last summer and did not know how I was every going to be able to shoot a shotgun again! Little did I know that a pad quite like this existed. The pad you sent over is fantastic!!! It fits my shirt pocket perfectly and I can take it out to wash the shirt and then put it back in. I hunted 37 days this winter and never once had a sore shoulder. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who has any type of shoulder issue.” – Robert L., Clarion PA



I didn’t want to go with one of those “mechanical monsters” to eliminate recoil, but found that with this ShockEater pad in my vest, I don’t seem to notice recoil when shooting, even with Super Handicap loads, seems to work miracles for me.   -Josh L., Farmington WV



Thank you for including me in your product testing. As a long time trap shooter, I must admit I was a little skeptical that the shooting pad wouldn’t  increase length of pull. After a few hundred rounds with the 12 gauge last Sunday I was quite impressed. I didn’t notice any change in length of pull and couldn’t even tell that I had the pad in my vest! Best of all, I didn’t feel a THING all day and no sore shoulder on Monday. Thanks again!” – Bill S., Warren OH


Quotes-Yellow-Left-tightI am the guy who bought a ShockEater pad and shirt at the Harrisburg show.  You sent the shirt to Santee, SC because I had left hog hunting before I could get it at home.  Just want to say thanks for everything.  I got the shirt and it worked great.  I shot a hog and felt no recoil on my surgically repaired shoulder.  The shirt and pad work very well together!!!!  I would recommend it to anyone and your efforts to get me the setup were the best.  Thanks again!!  - Barry W.